Shipping and distribution are an essential aspect of the marketing chain of a firm. Especially when it comes to an online pharmacy, it is quite necessary to make sure that the shipping policy of the firm must be by the claims made by the firm. Talking about, well the website ensures that you shall be delivered medicines overnight and it is because of this reason that the policy of the firm about shipping is quite flexible and accommodating.  

The delivery options 

  • We understand our customers’ varied needs, locations, and preferences. We deliver Medicines that are quality-made to meet our customer’s requirements and preferences.
  • We use mail service to ship our consignments faster to all locations around the USA.
  • We provide a tracking number within 48 hours from the time order is received and confirmed.
  • The prescription is not necessary while you place an order with us.
  • You can track your shipment through
  • We do not charge shipping costs (Free Shipping Available with overnight delivery).
  • For any queries Email us:

Delivery and shipping options are the backbones of swift delivery, and we at Mexican pharmacy do understand that many of our customers would want to inquire about them in advance. We make sure to keep the delivery options transparent and inform our customers about all the possible choices that they have. The pharmacy has no minimum order value for allowing the deliveries to the desired location and it is for this reason that we are one of the most credible and reliable pharmacies in the nation. 

The pharmacy can deliver to any and every location in the country. However, if you are planning to order a small dosage of the medicine, it would be advisable to check for distance as the delivery dates are based upon the distance that the place has from the point from where the order is dispensed.

Delivery charges medicines

The pharmacy does understand that having medicines delivered quickly at your doorstep is something that is of extreme importance to you. It is because of this reason that we make sure that the medicines are delivered to the shipping address within the stipulated time. The consumer shall not have to pay any extra delivery charges for the medicine as we provide free delivery on our orders. 

What is the average time taken for the order to get delivered?

The medicines get delivered within the stipulated period, and it is essential to know what is the average time taken for the delivery of the drug. Once you have filled in the required formalities and entered your shipping address, you can easily find out the date on which your order shall get delivered at your doorstep. But still, we deliver your order within 4-5 days, sometimes it maybe 5-6 days, but our sales team is trying its best to deliver your medicines as soon as possible if you are facing any problem in delivery, then you can call our sales team anytime.

However, you can always reach out to the customer support of the firm to inquire about the current status of your order. This shall help you to stay updated with the latest happenings. 

On the whole, the website ensures that the customers shall not have to take any pains when it comes to ordering the medicines online. The site has a highly developed platform which has many provisions for faster delivery.

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