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What is Ativan?

Ativan (generic version lorazepam) is class stimulant muscle relaxer hypnotic drug. This means it reduces the brain’s natural activity. Somatic symptoms, insomnia (trying to sleep disorder), neurological disorders, mania are used.

What is the lethal dose of Ativan?

It is also easier to understand the LD50 of the prescription drug only with Ativan overdose doses in mind. In mice clinical tests, this value refers to the lethal dose. The total amount of Ativan comes in at 1,850 mg / kg. That’s, of course, only a general thumb rule so only a theoretical correlation with humans. Using this number as a simple basis, we can determine that an immediate fatal overdose of Ativan involves several thousand mg. The optimal word here is lethal. There might be an overdose at any level higher than the 10 mg per day mentioned above. Additionally, Ativan is not well usually mixed with other substances. It is known too that alcohol and opioids also have an effect on overdose.

Where is the best place to buy Ativan pills?

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How long will a Lorazepam last?

If you medicinally use drugs, you are at risk of contracting lorazepam addiction. Why is that? Because lorazepam manages to have fairly long-lasting semi-euphoric effects, about 6-8 hours. Some people have reported the results of lorazepam for up to 10 hours. But most people have said the significant depressive effects when lorazepam is used to get high, such as paralysis, sleeping or feeling anxious. Note that stimulant tolerance such as with lorazepam is steadily increasing and you can form a lorazepam habit within days of dosing. Also, sudden lorazepam full withdrawal can lead to migraines or suicide.