Refund Policy 

We at aim at offering the best of the services to our customers. It is because of this reason that we make it a point to render the best quality products and services. However, if the customer is not satisfied with the product, it becomes a part of our responsibility to address his concerns. It is because of this reason that the refund policy of the company has been designed in a manner that it becomes easy for the customers to claim for returns and refunds. All that you need to do is inform on the website that you wish to apply for the refund. 

What is our return policy?

Our refund policy is targeted at people who wish to ensure a smooth transaction. You can apply for returns and refund if the product delivered to you does not conform to any one of the following standards- 

  • If the products offered to you do not match the items that you had mentioned at the time of purchase, you can apply for a refund or return immediately. Although the company ensures that proper care is taken while packing the items, yet if there is some mistake on the part of the firm, you can easily apply for the returns. The delivery executive shall reach out to you within a short duration and collect the items. Once he has submitted the details in the office, the desired return shall be credited in your account.
  • If you have received a defective item by the website, you can immediately claim for return of the product 
  • You can also request for the performances of the medicines if the order is not delivered to you till the due date of the delivery, you can ask for a refund and cancel the order immediately. The required formalities shall comply within an instant. 
  • Next, you can also claim for the returns if you find out that the medicines are either beyond the expiry date or near to them.

Although the pharmacy ensures that none of these errors take place from their end, yet the very fact that such credible and flexible provisions have been made is evidence of the accountability of the website.  

A word about the refund policy

We make sure that all the returns and refunds are processed within 3-4 business days so that it does not become inconvenient for our customers. You can also contact the customer support of the website to get the latest updates on the refund process. We offer you a tracking number by means of which you can track the location of your order. The site shall never implore you to conduct transactions without your permission and consent, and it is for this reason that you can rely on us for fast returns and even quicker refunds. You can also go back to PayPal to facilitate quick and easy returns or check with your bank for the refund money.

Thus, with the help of our comfortable and flexible return policy, you shall be able to make the most of your purchase and transaction on the website. The returns and refund policies are devised in a manner to grant extreme convenience to the consumer.

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