is respectful towards the privacy concerns of the visitors. We are here to provide a safe environment where people can buy medicines in accordance with having a view of the general information on the products. Furthermore, we safeguard any personal information that we collect from the user on our website. Also, we ensure that our Privacy Policy follows all the data privacy laws and other applicable legislation.

Non-Personal Identification –

We do not collect any personal information from the user/visitor on our website as per the general privacy laws. Yet, we record certain non-personal visitors’ information in our database. It is generally there to provide a better experience to our users. Likewise, it includes – browser type, operation system, visitor’s domain name, internet service provider, and similar information. More so, it helps to optimize the web pages according to each user’s interests.

Cookies Storage –

It is a piece of information that the website transfers to the individual’s drive for keeping a record. More so, it is required in several areas of the website, but it cannot be used to retrieve information from your system. On the other hand, keep in mind that you do not get the same advantage while using a third-party website.

Personal Identify Information –

It is obvious to know that none of your personal information gets saved without your permission. We only collect your non-personal information like – the user’s first name, age, and state or location. In addition, it’s necessary to fill in your email address for contact purposes at some points. In general, we only collect information from our visitors that help us manage our services further.

Sharing of Data –

All the information that we collect stays under the database profile of the company. We only use such information to send messages to our users for their convenience and the availability of products on the website.

Regardless of any term, we do not share your personal with any third-party sites. On the other hand, we may use the information for the following reasons –

  • Maintaining the technical functionality of our website and its services
  • To fulfill the request of our user
  • For keeping an eye on any illegal activity that may carry on the website
  • To follow the law and order of the country and disclose the data in case of cyber theft

It is the first priority to keep the data confidential and allow access to anyone from the outside. Furthermore, we do not transfer or sell your data to anyone for business or merger purposes. Thus, our principles are clear, and we do not indulge in unlawful acts.

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